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Inspiring Professionals 2 (Lee Filter Guide)

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The book Inspiring Professionals 2 from LEE Filters is full of insight, guidance and pictures from professional photographers who demonstrate the creative possibilities provided by filters. This volume builds on techniques shown in book 1showcasing use of filters for different objects and environments, including buildings, coasts, mountains, sky, snow and ice, and water. Various types and styles of photography are also covered, including handheld, travel and stitched panorama shooting. Correct exposure, composition and color are dealt with, as well, and the book features a guide to thinking in black-and-white and a chapter devoted to using filters specifically in digital photography. Inspiring Professionals 2 encompasses various types of filters, including neutral density graduated and circular polarizers.

Featured Contributing Photographers
Photographs and commentary from:

Joe Cornish - travel and landscape shooter and bestselling author
Mark Denton - panoramic shooter and bestselling author
Paul Gallagher - master black-and-white photographer, printer, lecturer, teacher and author
John Gravett - photographic director of Lakeland Photo Limited and photographic tutor
Plus: David Ward, David Noton, Tom Mackie, Jeremy Walker and Charlie Waite

Introduction: Pages 11-15
Chapter 1: Buildings - Pages 16-31; Correct Exposure - Pages 32-35
Chapter 2: Coast - Pages 36-55; Composition - Pages 56-63
Chapter 3: Handheld and Travel - Pages 64-75; Color - Pages 76-81
Chapter 4: Mountains - Pages 82-97; Creative Use of Filters - Pages 98-101
Chapter 5: Sky - Pages 102-121; Shooting Digital - Pages 122-127
Chapter 6: Snow and Ice - Pages 128 - 141; Stitched Panoramas - Pages 142-145
Chapter 7: Water - Pages 146-169; Thinking in Black and White - Pages 170-173

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