Buy the Optech Rainsleeve and protect your DSLR camera

Thinking of when the Optech Rainsleeve would come in handy? Think of it as a rain cover for your expensive friend.

Optech Rainsleeve

Optech Rainsleeve

I can think of a few situations when I put my beloved DSLR in harm’s way.  Snow in Tokyo, blizzards in Edinburgh, pouring rain in Singapore, dusty sandy winds in India – somehow my DSLR has survived it all.



rainsleeve-01490 rainsleeve-06461 rainsleeve-07793


Now don’t be like me and leave it to chance – look after your gear and this is where the Optech rainsleeve can come in.  It’s lightweight and saves the hassle of a friend carrying an umbrella over your head (or trying to juggle a camera and an umbrella – we all know those shots won’t tell out well!). Travelling is so weather dependent – there’s no reason to hide the camera away all the time though!

Comes in a pack of two and can be purchased here.

Here’s a short clip introducing this item and its uses.

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